When I sit, you scream
A dialogue based collaboration with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, 2014–2015

When I sit, you scream is a three part series in which we experiment with different ways of putting together sound and image.

Part One
Herr Hermann and Sophia Bumm-Bumm
Recorded, filmed and edited together in Berlin 2014. One starts and the other one replies, going back and forth until the piece is done.
Film HD, 9:15 min

Part Two
Recorded and filmed separately 2015. The underpinning concept is Fleck – Stain, and the film moves in three parts, from the quest of finding an untamed scene to excuse and finally a futile cover up.
Film HD, 5:20 min

Part Three
Recorded in London, filmed in Helsinki 2015. 
One shot view with narrative sound.
Location: A speculative present in which the household appliances are the last survivors of a recent environmental catastrophe.
Film Hd, 6:30 min

Images by Leena Kangaskoski
Sounds by Antonia Barnett-McIntosh