Fast ruins
Unfired clay
Coastline Sculpture Project, 2021
Photos: Sandra Kantanen

Fast Ruins is composed of sculptures made of Finnish clay, located on the shore of Kläppudden opposite the Hanko Harbour. The surfaces are covered with finger prints and extrusive seams. The clay has not been fired hard. The sculptures stand in the sand unprotected from the elements. The sun, rain and wind leave their mark on the clay and eventually the finger prints wear away, the structures weaken and collapse. The clay returns back to soil.

Fast Ruins is a temporary, delicate and vulnerable sculpture. The porous structure exists in dialogue with the environment and the goodwill of the passers by. Observations of nests and huts built on the shore have inspired the shapes of the sculptures. The ideas behind the artwork have risen from unresolved climate anxiety and a need to find alternative working models which are transient instead of permanent, decaying instead of consuming.

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